finished preparation专题

finished preparation专题
基于各贸易国原始贸易数据,我们汇总统计出全球finished preparation贸易公司名录及其进出口分析报告;目前已收录相关beplay体育appios个、供应商个,且一直持续收录中。即可查阅全库进出口数据,亦可查阅公司贸易报告的联系方式、全年采供趋势、贸易伙伴、采供区域、竞争对手、港口统计;通过提关单数据你还可查询到采供产品的价格、数量、单价以及运输方式。


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以下finished preparation进出口数据、趋势分析图基于全库数据。 全部贸易国
交易日期 贸易国 产品描述 数量
2021/09/10 other
electronic dartboard electronic dartboard po 2102462 d77051 uni vanquish edb po 2102390 d77051 uni vanquish edb po 2102380 edbw660 maurader 5 0 elec dartboard po 2102390 d77051 uni vanqui sh edb po 2102421 d77025 2w vector ele c dartboared po 2102462 d77035w synergy el ectronic dartboard this shpme nt contains no solid wood terials shipper de clare that the finish ed goods are tsca title vi compliant
1727.0 other
2021/09/10 colombia
911boxes into 16 pallets containing hair preparations inseveral references preparaciones capilares en varias referencias net weight 5185 352 kg hs code 330590 inv hek103647 hek103648 001126000000005630kg 0 yukon court milton on l9e 1n5 milton chandra ka napathipillai ca dsv com phone 1905 203 3737 mobile 1416 859 5816
911.0 box
2021/09/10 ecuador
prepared corn products
2850.0 other
2021/09/10 uruguay bill
al alloy 89230463 1 pkg 1915kg al alloy en aw 6061 t651 plate stretched both sides mill finish with sawed edges 6061 ams rleaved stenciled 89230464 6 pkg 8346kg al alloy e n aw 6061 t651 plate str etched both sides mill finish with sawed edges 6061 ams ling paper inte rleaved stenciled 89231239 1 pkg 2283kg al alloy e n aw 6061 t651 plate str etched both sides mill finish with sawed edges al for too ling paper inte rleaved stenciled 89231240 2 pkg 2505kg al alloy e n aw 6061 t651 plate str etched both sides mill finish e
13.0 other
2021/09/10 nicaragua
big bags big bags total 80 big bags of 1000 kg each one peru washed arabica fairtrade green coffee beans shb ep grade 1 big bags big bags 2022 contract p210452 aprocassi ft usa id 1002948 falcon ft usa id 1010205 aprocassi fda 14431435348 for furthe r preparation only p a 0901 1 1 90 00 freight pa yable in miami fl by csa 1062 shipment m ode cy cy fcl fcl total 80 big bag total net weight 80 000 kg total gros s weight 80 210 kg 2do notifi cante falcon cof fees limited 25 high st reet lewes east sussex logistics falconcoffees com 3er notifi cante commodity supplies ag roosstrass e 53 post
80.0 bag
2021/09/10 other
01 cont 40hc containing 372 cardboard boxes containing 437 pieces of furniture finished in pine wood as per order mk 527 pfi 799 202 0 wooden package not applicable not used f reight collectncm 9403 50 00 hs code 940350 naladi 9403 50 net weight 18 807 000 kg ruc 1br78854072235521 shipped on board 94035000 h 350
372.0 box
2021/09/10 other
275 bags colombia arabica coffee excelso ep huila for further preparation processing only our ref rcfs 00234 buyer ref 31586 icc reference 31586 003888600000019443kg yable in zurich switzerland by csa pesos neto s y brutos numero de sellos fob lcl fcl service co ntract eurc1000193 registro f da r c f echeverri castro s a s 15 620192832 ct has notbeen processed to fully cont rol biological pathogens physical h azards orchemical hazards including mycotoxinsthat might be present a nd requires further processing prior to c onsumption total gros s weight 19443 kg total net weight 19250 kg
275.0 bag
2021/09/10 south korea
anti oxidising preparations
37.0 other
2021/09/10 other
total quantity 18 321mt material prime newl y produced stainless steel hot rolled plate no 1 finish cut edge pickled annealed des caled no weld repairs according to ryerson s material specification 7310 u quality to as tm 304 304l and 316 316l aines illinois 60018 usa frank sexton hone 1 84 7 296 8020 fax 1 847 296 0868
6.0 other
2021/09/10 united states
preparations for use on the hair shampoos with razor blades toothpaste deodorant and denta floss load id 8001024982 ncm 821220 330610 330720 330620 wooden package not a pplicable container no mscu5347468 shipper p rocter gamble manufacturing mexico s de rl de cv 003958800000019794k 821220 003 958800000019794k 821220 003958 800000019794k 821220 003958800 000019794k 821220 003958800000 019794k 821220 003958800000019 794k 821220 003958800000019794 k
11113.0 box
交易日期 贸易国 产品描述 数量
2021/08/31 england
fully finished mens boots made of goat/c
550.0 other
2021/08/31 spain
woven ladies leather shoes from finished
11.0 other
2021/08/31 netherlands
skirtings assoluto black satin finish
500.0 other
2021/08/31 d.p.r.korea
articles of glass iron & mdf - oval meta l mir antq brass finish
25.0 other
2021/08/31 albania
polished granite slabs:steel grey leathe r finish(std)-3cm 6 slabs
34.29 other
2021/08/31 netherlands
if1546c iron pedestal 30x30x80 iron 100% finish carpino
8.0 other
2021/08/31 england
s.g.iron castings-swivel hub finished ca sting b1jc032-fg part no. 589/m9228; po no. 5500453568
108.0 other
2021/08/31 argentina
(temporary export for testing and recali bration/ncv)dg blow head arm with finish cooling dg bl (is machine spares for gl
1.0 other
2021/08/31 united states
goat suede finished leather for garments (otl
10761.0 other
2021/08/31 england
finished sheep skin chamois leather: 2.2
675.0 other


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